Silver Labrax artisan vinyl of pleasant sensations.

It has a plumb head and comes in 2 sizes: 40 gr (15.5 cm) and 50 gr (16 cm) with a range of 6 colors very well chosen, adjustable to practically any fishing scenario thanks to its Texas assembly.

Its great design, perfect replica of a 160 mm Lanzon fish that fused to its exclusive active tail, gives it a great swimming naturalness and turn it into an all-terrain for beaten waters, with a very marked action, thus being a perfect ally to look for big fish.

His aggressive swimming captures the attention of the most lethargic predators to both Spinning and Slow jiggin.

Not only the sea bass will be attracted to the SCOMBER, other curious as the dentex, haddock, amberjack ... will surrender to its charms.
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