Cane Tenkara Masu (11ft) 7:3 Action

Cane Tenkara Masu (11ft) 7:3 Action
  • Cane Tenkara Masu (11ft) 7:3 Action

Cane Tenkara Masu (11ft) 7:3 Action

MASU 11 ft (335cm) * 7:3 action specifications: length: 11 ft. (335 cm) Closed length: 54.6 cm. Weight: 78 gr sections: 8 black matte handle 25.4 cm. Action 7:3

Versatile, for medium-sized and large rivers. Small and large pieces allows us to adapt to different situations that you prefer a firmer action.

€112.60 VAT included

Very flexible, telescopic shank, 2.75-4.50 mt, reduced to 60 cm approx. folded once, on a scale of 5:5 action as flexible, 8:2 more rigid. A Tenkara Rod weigh between 55 and 120 Gr. attention, the sections of LAS CAÑAS is break very easily during the MANIPULATIONS of fitting and removing. CAREFULLY FOLLOW OUR ADVICE IN ORDER TO AVOID ANY PROBLEMS. First of all, check that your cane is clean since, using dirt (grains of sand, small stones) can be entered between stretch and stretch, which would end up damaging the cane! Deploy your cane: deploy its shank section by section, starting with the thinnest section and up to the tip. Attention: fit correctly the stretches between them, but with each other, tap may shatter. If his departure from fishing seprolonga, you take a few seconds to verify that they are still well positioned. Folding shank: place both hands as closely as possible the joints between each section. The sections do not have to never bend. If you are right-handed, his right hand tightens the wider stretch strong, while quela left hand places the finest stretch (and conversely for left-handers). If necessary, slightly turn the sections to put better (but not too) to not wear down the carbon. Fold shank, section by section, starting with the widest section, and continuing until you reach the tip. Rewind your line gradually. Remove the line: put your cane folded in a horizontal position and remove the line.

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